ABA Auto Body and Paint, Inc., providing exceptional service is our most important concern. We minimize our customer's inconvenience by assisting with any accident related detail, providing the Highest Quality parts and materials available, and superior workmanship through highly trained technicians.

How do I arrange for a rental car?

Whether you or an insurance company is paying for a rental vehicle, our shops will gladly assist in arranging a rental car for you while your car is being repaired. On the day you drop your vehicle for repairs we will have a rental car waiting at the shop. The rental car can be left at our shop when you pick up your fully repaired vehicle.

How long does it take for an estimate? What does it cost? Do I need an appointment?
The average estimate will take between 5 and 30 minutes for a complete diagnosis of your vehicle. Estimates are free. An appointment is not necessary; however it can cut down on your wait time. To schedule an appointment call 407-299-6075
OurPrinciples ABA Auto Body and Paint was founded on four simple standards: Honesty, Integrity, Accommodation and Excellence. We understand that auto body repair is often a new process for our customers and take it upon ourselves to make the process as simple as possible. Our goal is to get the vehicle repaired with as little inconvenience as possible, to the customer and all parties involved, without sacrificing quality.
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